Azure DevOps work items represent tasks, bugs, user stories, and other essential elements in software development. They help teams track progress, assign responsibilities, and collaborate effectively. However, manually creating and updating these work items can be tedious. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Copilot, Power Automate, and the AI Hub of Power Platform simplify work item handling. Let’s dive into how Copilot makes your life easier with the creation of these work items.

The AI Hub Integration

Create a new AI prompts > ‘Create text with GPT using a prompt’: 


Prompt details:

Name: “ADO Workitems​”


Create 3 new variables in the input parameters:

1: JSONStructure

This input parameter is used to generate the correct body for Power Automate to create the workitems.
The structure is generated from Microsoft Learn Create work item. In my example I used this structure:SpongYe_2-1717630303513.png

2: AmountOfPBI

This input variable is used to create the amount of Product Backlog Items.
In my example I set it to 3, so 3 workitems will be created:SpongYe_1-1717630251582.png

3: TitlePBI

This input parameter is used to set the name of the PBI.
In my example I used “Building Block” as my PBI title:


The prompt:


Then it’s all set to configure it in Power Automate! 

The Power Automate Integration

Create a new “Instant cloud flow” > Give it a name and select “Manually trigger flow” as trigger and click “Create”.


Create a new action from the “AI Builder”:


Select created prompt to run in Power Automate:


Loop through the results of the prompt to create the Azure DevOps workitem:SpongYe_3-1717684371296.png

Result: creating AI-Assisted User Stories:
By combining Power Automate and the AI Hub with Azure DevOps, you’ll experience: faster work item management, reduced manual effort and improved collaboration. Copilot is a game-changer for Azure DevOps users. By harnessing AI, you can focus on what truly matters: delivering high-quality software. Give it a try and experience the magic! The results is:


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